Stephan Kleine-Birkenheuer und Olesya Subbotina

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Stephan Kleine-Birkenheuer
Tax advisor and a qualified economist with a university degree in trade and business

My approach is comprehensive and detailed consulting, which means giving you a reliable support with all your tax issues and, at the same time, working with your company from economic perspective.
My professional expertise, based on 14 years of experience in commercial management and consulting of medium-sized companies, helps me follow this approach in my daily working routine.
My special focus is on controlling, M&A, finance and accounting as well as company organization. So I know how to lead you to the security, success and expansion of your company.
My support with company establishing and / or taking over a company, as well as building up assets in real estate and capital investments, round off my consultant’s profile.

Olesya Subbotina
Tax Advisor, Bachelor of Arts (FH)

As a tax advisor and Bachelor of Arts (FH) in business management and tax legislation, I am glad to apply all the aspects of my knowledge to our cooperation.
Currently one of my main professional focuses is digital tax consulting. So, I am ready to help you not only with your tax issues. I will also help you arrange your daily business procedure in the most efficient and enjoyable way by means of modern, and suitable for your situation and technical options.
My personal working approach implies my conscious dedication to the quality of the services you get from our team. Irrespective of who of my colleagues has worked on your documentation / issue, I will make sure of proper quality before submitting. My main professional aim is to supply you with high quality services you expect from our office.

Because we want you to thrive in the present and grow in the future!