Enterprise consulting

Our extensive expertise is to support you in all your decisions on investment and finance. You can also rely on our guidance through all company phases such as:

  • Foundation, expansion and growth
  • Restructuring and crisis management
  • Succession

To ensure that the financial strength of your company is secured and is permanently growing, we will introduce you the most modern corporate management tools:

  • Balance sheet and success analysis
  • Cost accounting, price and cost calculation
  • Liquidity and financial management
  • Controlling and corporate planning with target / actual analysis
  • Organizational and process analysis
  • Investment and financing optimization
  • Funding, negotiating with banks
  • Company valuation

We will examine together your corporate procedures and processes, identify cost and value drivers. We will also show you the starting points for savings and improvements.

In case of upcoming investments we will check for you the possibilities of using funding programs and grants. As we believe that good preparation can be the most crucial factor for a successful outcome, we are always at your side during bank discussions with reliable figures and our precise understanding of numbers.

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Our range of services

  • Cost accounting, price and cost calculation
  • Control of liquidity and financial flows
  • Implementation of controlling and planning processes
  • Assessment of investment and financing decisions
  • Advice on subsidies, bank discussions
  • Company valuation
  • Start-up / entrepreneurs
  • Digital consulting and optimization