Tax advice for private individuals

Individual consulting of our clients is our top priority. In addition to the issues of tax declarations and tax structuring, we are also ready to advise you on private investment and financing decisions. Our goal is to help you understand the background of the issue and let you feel comfortable and secure working with us.

We will also show you options for your business actions to reduce your tax burden. This applies, for example:

  • Own use and rental of (vacation) real estate
  • Taxation of severance payments. Use of a home office. Foreign income of employees
  • Capital investments and final tax
  • Private sales
  • Pension taxation
  • Deduction of special expenses and extraordinary charges

We are happy to support you in enforcing your rights against tax offices and tax courts!

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Our services

  • Income tax returns / annual income tax adjustment / choice of tax class
  • Tax and liquidity planning
  • Inheritance, anticipated inheritance, donation
  • Retirement provision
  • Representation at tax offices and tax courts
  • Real estate and investments