Digital consulting and optimization

Nowadays we are going through the time of growing digitization, which is constantly penetrating more and more aspects of our modern life. Nowadays we have great technical possibilities and efficient tools available for optimizing our business processes.
The digital processing of receipts, invoices, correspondence and other documentation has already taken its place in many companies. But still, very often, a lot of advantages, the digitization can offer, are not fully recognized. As a result, a lot of digital options are underused.
Communication with your tax adviser is a good example of that. In fact, communication online can save a lot of your time, and, consequently, costs.
As mentioned above, digital documentation processing is just one of the great additional benefits your business can gain just from improving the digital part of daily working routine.

Being always interested in the newest technological tools, we focus on the regular updating of our knowledge and practical application of the most modern technologies, because we want to be a competent and reliable partner for you when it comes to technical optimizing of your work, and giving you the best advice in terms of digitization of your accounting, finance and tax procedures.

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Advantages of digital consulting

No more paperwork

All invoices, receipts, account statements, and other documents don’t have to be printed on paper and stored. It no longer has to be time consuming and sometimes stressful, to search for your documents in different folders. Everything can be digital now. So you can save a lot of time and space in your working environment. The documents you are looking for can be displayed on your computer screen within seconds just by entering a keyword.

Company figures always available up-to-date

By using digital bookkeeping, you can independently call up all analysis and evaluation documents anytime and anywhere with just a few clicks. You will receive an automatic e-mail notification about the update of your evaluation documentation and its availability.
Always being up to date means: You can make important business decisions faster and so, optimize your business processes. We are glad to support you in this.

Automation for all operational processes

In order to save time, many companies automate their business processes. Why not the bookkeeping? Sorting invoices and other documents, printing out account statements, writing down what should be paid and when - it's all yesterday's news! All processes can be automated now.
All your scanned documents can be booked by us, sorted and filed appropriately. By scanning receipts, bank transfers get prepared automatically. To carry them out you only have to confirm.
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The latest reports are always available

Digital bookkeeping offers analysis and evaluation for various areas such as success management, customer management, receivables management, controlling or human resources. The digital bookkeeping supports you in the management and administration of your company and gives you access to your current financial overviews at any time.

Consolidated payment transactions

With digital bookkeeping, operational payment transactions are significantly simplified and the separate use of your bank's online portal is not necessary.
You simply assign due payments via the software. By means of the OCR recognition with file-learning database used in banking, the most important information for transferring a payment is read out and saved as a proposal in the transfer form. The more often a transfer is made to a supplier, the more information is recognized over time. Online implementation of collective transfers in a company is also possible without any problems.

Software for digital tax consulting

Datev company online

By using the "Company online" program, you can make your receipts available to us daily by photographing or scanning them and then either file and keep or destroy them. This program offers audit-proof archiving of your receipts as well as an alternative to the use of online banking with the advantage that your receipts are attached to the correspondent payments so that you can always trace your booking movements without having to look through through the folder for the corresponding receipts. In addition, the program offers companies online digital cash management and a more cost-effective alternative to bank statement managers.

Tax account online

Has it ever happened to you that you could not understand a debit or refund from the tax office? When you use the "online tax account" option, your tax payments, tax liabilities and tax claims are always visible and verifiable for you.

Bank statement manager

In order to be able to process your financial accounting faster and more efficiently, we offer you to give us your consent to the electronic retrieval of your bank account transactions ("Procedure for the access to the account statement information for retrieval by service data centers"). Paper statements are no longer required. Your account transactions are imported and processed in our system with one click.

ERP systems (pre-registration)

In order to save costs, you can prepare your bookkeeping so that you prepare your incoming and outgoing invoices and make them available to us in the “pre - enter modus”. We will be happy to advise you on an appropriate recording systems. Such pre-registration functions are offered e.g. by the "Company online" program from DATEV e.G.

Power of Attorney Database

By using the power of attorney database, we have the option of querying the data stored by the tax office regarding your tax return and importing it into our system without requesting the documents from you. In this way, we can check the data that the tax office has and ensure that your assessment proceeds as explained.

Popular questions
Digital accounting through "DATEV Unternehmens-Online" simplifies the exchange of data between clients and tax advisors. By getting your receipts from you through scanner or fax, we can create a complete, audit-proof archive and make all the necessary bookings. After you have sent us your receipts by scanner or fax, you don’t have to keep the originals. Your account movements get linked to the booking information from the firm's accounting, which simplifies the search for documents according to various selection criteria such as text, sum and date. Digital bookkeeping also enables the keeping of a proper cash book according to the requirements of the GOBd.
We will take a look at your processes and work out a step-by-step solution together with you. You will see: the switch is much easier than expected.
We will find the right way for your company. You can scan yourself or delegate this service to us and benefit from the time you save.
During our appointment, we will offer you various programs which are the most suitable for your company.
In the area of wages, you can use digital bookkeeping to make changes to personnel master and transaction data such as wages, bonuses, vacation or illness. We always have the same data and information as you.
We will set up the DATEV interface including the scan process on site. We are also at your disposal any time if you have technical problems or questions.
We are pleased to be able to offer you this unique service!