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We don't see our work as mere administration of your figures. For us, a mandate means more: careful and individual consulting which is equally focused on both: your private and professional situation and its development in the past, present and future.

As your consultants, we provide you with expert support in all business and tax issues and decisions because we understand that as an entrepreneur or a freelancer you have to deal with a lot of business decisions such as:

  • choice of legal form
  • investment and financing of business assets
  • acquisition of company real estate (e.g. land and buildings)
  • company (acquisition) purchase
  • restructuring
  • company formation and succession

as well as many others.

We advise you professionally, inform you about the tax and financial options, and discuss them with you in an understandable and direct way, without using any special professional language. So that you know where your business is, where the business journey can go and lead you, and what you need for this journey.

Last but not least, and actually an obvious fact: meaningful financial figures are an important part of your company's success. Our job is to deliver these figures to you always on time and correctly. Our portfolio, which includes support services in all areas of corporate accounting (e.g. controlling, cost accounting and digitalization) makes a good working background for that.

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